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Terms and Condition

To the hotel, resort, bed and breakfast etc…

Thank you for taking an interest in joining the COCOTEL team. We hope what is below will hep you get to know what we are looking for in a customer service provider.

  • Your business must seek out new COCOTEL members. As what we promise and provide is expansive, this should not be difficult. However, there is a quota to be met, if you want to be a COCOTEL hospitality provider. This number will be determined by the type of business, the size, average number of customers among other factors, that will be explained to in further detail as you progress further in the process.
  • Your staff must be trained in the reception and treatment of all its customers (annually), in particular, the Elite Reward Program members with regard to services, check-in/out procedures and times, incentives for membership. Some of these things will include, but not exclusively.
    • Usage of customer names and recognition of their membership status must be used and confirmed.
    • Customers using Reward Night Reservations get priority. ALWAYS and at EVERY HOTEL.
    • All provisions allotted to members of certain group must be explained and provided upon reception. For example, A Welcome Amenity is provided to all Elite Members and the amenity/amenities shall be explained along with the explanation that it is because of their status as Elite members. We understand, there will be times certain amenities may not be available, however, you must go out of your way to make sure their patronage has been understood and appreciated.
    • Each room will have internet access and direct room-front desk telephoning.
    • You must keep daily records. It is easy to put off paperwork until a better time, but that isn’t the COCOTEL way. Reports must be compiled PRIOR to a guest’s arrival to ensure staff know will know what gifts are to be given, if any, what level card holder they are to invite suggestive selling into the incentive program or to upgrade a cardholder’s current status, and if new to the program are able to answer questions.
    • Your progress will be monitored through our Performance Tracker, a tool that lets you know how you are doing in regard to the standards that have been set before you. In addition the information found on the Performance tracker, will allow you to design quarterly plans and develop activities and strategies through the Champion Dashboard.

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