Definitely not. COCOTEL respects the autonomy of each and every small business owner. COCOTEL has two main interactions with owners. One, it provides each owner assistance is making their business COCOTEL compliant but allowing each owner to preserve the uniqueness of their facility. Second, it assists individual owners connect with their potential guests, by streamlining the process between travel agent, the hotel, and the guest. This one-stop handling of details, ensures a lower cost for the businesses involved, which is passed on to customer.For the owner, COCOTEL provides accountable independence in the running of their business. For the customer COCOTEL assures them, that every stay will be in a clean, pleasantly furnished room without the missing out on those unique touches that make every stay memorable.

Is it cheaper? No. That is the long and short of it. It’s always cheaper to book directly from our website. Not only do we provide the cheapest rates, by downloading and using our app, you will discover more discounts as well as assistance in joining our exclusive COCOTEL Elite CLUB for free. By accessing COCOTEL through the app you can quickly gain 30% more points that can be redeemed as Reward Nights anywhere across the archipelago.

While discussions are underway in exploring these avenues, currently COCOTEL has committed itself to 1-3 star facilities. By obtaining the COCOTEL stamp of approval, and if a facility doesn’t, COCOTEL assists the facilities in reaching those stars, COCOTEL shows its commitment to local businesses and the preservation of a traditional way of life often lost in corporate hospitality. COCOTEL allows each business to provide the services it can truly accomplish well. In the end when you visit the islands, the only stars you need to focus on are from the spectacular views of your beach front respite. COCOTEL guarantees, you don’t need 5 stars and the hundreds of dollars a night to have a quality night’s sleep.

Above all else, each room is provided with spotless sleeping areas, bathrooms, and the ability to breathe in the air which made you choose that location. Be it the scented coolness of the lush tropical vegetation or the soul invigorating salt air, each room lets you take in nature’s splendor before resting comfortably on quality inspected linen. After you wake refreshed upon our deluxe 10 inch mattress accompanied with a luxurious 2 inch topper, enjoy a shower, using our ecofriendly amenities.

First, each owner maintains the ownership of the facility guaranteeing that money stays within the community where it can do the most good.Second, we ensure the food provided is locally provided whenever possible. COCOTEL expands its sphere of influence beyond the walls into the hotels, into farmer’s pockets, which in turn allows them to better provide for their families.Third, COCOTEL firmly believes the saying a rising tide lifts all ships. COCOTEL assists NGOs in providing healthcare, sanitation, and education for often marginalized groups within the community. COCOTEL also focuses on ensuring the beaches, that you came to see, are litter and pollution free, by sponsoring clean up campaigns.If you would like to devote some of your time to improving the lives of those in the area you are visiting, please let us know.

You essentially buy points, through spending. As one peso equals one COCO Point, check your balance often, because it is through our point system, you can change your Reward Points, into Reward Stays.