Growing to be Asia’s favorite provider for cost-effective quality- value for money lodgings in beach destinations across the Asian Archipelago.

COCOTEL is a chain of 1-3-star hotels, resorts, and beach front properties that provides quality rooms at a fraction of the cost. From overnight stays to long weekends, come and enjoy the scent of salty sea air, and the comforts of a cool, clean beach haven.

Whether it’s a group of friends planning a small reunion by the seaside, a family vacationing by the shore; or a lone backpacker seeking relaxation in a tropical paradise. COCOTEL has rooms for everyone for a great holiday. Get cozy inside our tranquil tropic designed, nature-inspired interiors, or a boudoir for a romantic honeymoon. Go for COCOTEL now.


Reginald Go

Founder and CEO

Starting his career in hospitality at the ripe age of 20, Reginald Go has been in the hotel industry for a decade.

Rafael Daniel Jouwena

Co-founder and CFO
(Chief Financial Officer)

Starting his career in hospitality at the ripe age of 20, Reginald Go has been in the hotel industry for a decade.

Daimler Villena

Co-Founder, Public & Investor Relations Executive

Starting his career in hospitality at the ripe age of 20, Reginald Go has been in the hotel industry for a decade.


The Helping Hand of Philippine Hospitality

Tourism in the Philippines is well known for the beautiful beaches of Boracay, the sceneries of Batangas, and the hospitable culture and tasty cuisine.With our attractive local tourism industry attracting foreign and local tourists, the ones who make an unforgettable and memorable experience is Mother Nature and our fellow Filipino countrymen and women.

With the numerous getaway destinations in the Philippines, everyone needs a place to rest after a tiring day of activities. What better way to help out our local independent hotels to stay at one. But, how will you know these hotels? How would you reach them? As it is a common problem that there is a difficulty accessing internet connection if you are located away or distant from the metro. This is why COCOTEL was established. COCOTEL's mission is to provide COCOTEL standardized clean, comfortable, assistance, and affordable accommodation to their guests by giving them their value for money every time they stay at a COCOTEL. But its not just the guests they value, but also their hotel partners whom they don't consider as clients, but as part of the COCOTEL family.

COCOTEL is a tech-hotel brand and aggregator of getaway destination hotels. COCOTEL started in 2018 by Reginald Go, Rafael Jouwena, Daimler Villena by knocking door-to-door on every small independent hotel they could find in Boracay hoping for a hotel owner to believe in their idea until 5 Boracay hotel owners did and now 34 strong hotel partners of the COCOTEL family, COCOTEL is now present in Boracay, Siargao, Batangas, Bataan, Puerto Galera, Cebu, Iloilo, and more!

COCOTEL provides beneficial business solutions, 24/7 assistance, branding, and a property management system at NO COSTS and only at a succession basis. It is COCOTEL's goal to be present in all getaway destinations in the Philippines and eventually the entire Southeast Asia. For guests and potential partners who want to be part of the COCOTEL family, contact us or visit our Facebook page COCOTEL.com.ph

Why Partner with Us?

Top Quality Makeover

Spotless linen sheets, and comfy beds. Clean bathrooms, and rooms with good ventilation. All at one place. Revel in all of these comforts at a reasonable cost. 

Reservation and Revenue Management

We will help you control your inventory by strategically pricing it. Our experienced Reservation and Revenue Managers will help manage the reservations and yield management.

Financial Support

Via our strategic partnership, we support and help small, local, independent owners. By our COCOTEL refurbishment, we deliver our promise of giving quality spaces for customers. 

Sales and Digital Marketing

Minimizing the cost of online travel agencies, by providing technical solutions for accommodations.